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Thank you for being willing to contribute to the Ecommerce Marketing Institute blog. 

We are always looking for more e-commerce experts who are willing to share their knowledge with our community.

We love connecting with content creators who can help us fulfill our mission of helping to scale 1 million brands by 2030.

If you have an idea for a blog post you think would help other e-commerce business owners or marketers, read our blogging guidelines before you write your draft.

What Should I Know?

Write for our audience: Professionals looking for more information and experience in ecommerce marketing at small to mid size D2C brands.

Craft a fresh blog post with relevant and practical takeaways. 

The post must be original and have not been published elsewhere. Check the EMI blog for other posts on the same topic and make sure that your content tells readers something new, follows a fresh angle or offers suggestions on how to do something better.

Give credit: Check your facts and quotations. Cite the original sources (not the source that quoted the original source.)

Create an engaging introduction specific to your article: Hooks are what bring people in. Make it concrete.

Give examples: Provide real-world examples, details, and metrics that are relevant for brands looking for help to scale their businesses.

Length: Write just long enough to engage and enrich readers. We don’t have a word count goal.

Disclose any relationship/partnership you have with links or sources in the article: Limit your use of these to two or three per article. We do not allow links to gated content, but we do allow links to articles and blogs that illustrate a point in your story.

Avoid self-promotion in the article: Your author bio is a good place to do that.

How To Submit

Please send an email to that includes the following:

  • Link to your LinkedIn & Twitter profile.
  • Link to your website.
  • Attached headshot.
  • Author bio.
  • Attached blog post.
  • Link to an Adobe Stock photo that you would like to use as the header image (we will purchase it). If no link is included, we will select one for you.

Timing: We will review all submissions within 2 weeks of submission.

Editing: If your post requires additional editing, we will reply to your email to let you know.

Rejection: If we choose not to accept your post, we will let you know so you can reuse the post elsewhere.