Episode 6: 7 Figures & Beyond Podcast – How To Take Your Customer Data Collection To The Next Level (Summary)

Episode Summary

In this episode of the 7-Figures & Beyond podcast, host Greg Shuey interviews Steven Bell from KnoCommerce, a platform that helps with customer data collection through post-purchase surveys. They discuss the importance of data collection for eCommerce brands and how KnoCommerce can help brands collect and analyze customer insights. They also talk about the different types of surveys that can be used, such as email surveys and warranty registration forms. Bell shares his personal story and how he got involved with KnoCommerce. They also discuss the future of post-purchase surveys and data collection, with Bell expressing his belief that post-purchase surveys will become more common and valuable for brands. The episode concludes with a preview of the next episode featuring a founder from PhoneSoap, a UV sanitization device brand.

You can read the full transcript here.

Key Takeaways

  1. KnoCommerce is a post-purchase survey platform that helps eCommerce brands collect customer data and insights.
  2. The platform offers various survey types, including post-purchase surveys, email surveys, and warranty registration forms.
  3. Brands can evolve their insights by asking more personalized and quality-focused questions to understand their customers better.
  4. KnoCommerce is focused on the future of data collection and is developing a new product called Automated Insights, which aims to provide anonymous survey data from other brands to help businesses learn from a viral network of data.
  5. Post-purchase surveys are becoming increasingly important for eCommerce brands to gather customer insights and make data-driven decisions. KnoCommerce aims to provide a higher response and completion rate compared to other survey platforms.


Greg Shuey LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greg-shuey/

Steve Bell LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenrbell/

KnoCommerce: https://knocommerce.com/