Episode 2: 7 Figures & Beyond Podcast – 2024 Ecommerce Marketing Predictions (Summary)

In the second episode of the “7 Figures & Beyond” podcast, host Greg Shuey emphasizes the importance of focusing on the customer for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, citing the loss of customer data due to privacy laws and platform updates. He argues that successful brands will be those that get closer to their customers, understanding their decision-making processes and preferences, which will lead to more effective marketing and competitive advantage.

Greg predicts several key trends for 2024 in the ecommerce space. He anticipates a rise in niche communities and micro-influencers, which will enable brands to engage in more authentic marketing efforts. Another significant trend he foresees is the consolidation of technology platforms, suggesting that brands will reduce their tech stacks for efficiency. Additionally, Greg believes that AI will play a major role in scaling marketing efforts, with brands increasingly turning to AI experts for assistance. He also predicts a shift in marketing strategies, with more brands opting to handle marketing in-house or seeking agencies for a collaborative approach.

Closing the episode, Greg summarizes his ten predictions for 2024. These include a focus on customer-centric strategies, the rise of niche communities, tech consolidation, the growing significance of AI in marketing, and a shift towards in-house marketing efforts. He also predicts a decline in high payments for influencers, an increase in affiliate marketing, a surge in mobile commerce, and the success of Meta and TikTok shops.

Greg announces that the next episode will feature Stryde’s VP, Laurel Teuscher, to discuss customer research and data mining, encouraging listeners to apply their learnings and take action in the evolving ecommerce landscape.

You can read the full transcript here.